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For over two years we provided high-end coaching services to a very exclusive group of professional poker players. Now, we want to make our proven philosophy available to anyone who has the ambition to grow.

All concepts explained

On the contrary of telling you what to do in every spot, our philosophy is very much focused on why strategies are played in a certain way. Our coaches make sure that you thoroughly understand the concepts behind the theory, which eventually results in a long-lasting and successful poker career.

Complete package

Each of our team members have spent over 8 years working towards the top in poker, and after that 2 years of coaching in our program. During this journey, we found four areas that are extremely vital for success in poker: Technical, Mental game & Mindset, Performance, and soft skills. We teach all of them.

Clear learning path

Over the years, we have been disappointed customers of other poker materials ourselves. We believe that you need to have a clear learning path, in order to fully grasp all aspects that are  needed to succeed in poker. Going through our syllabus, you can immediately see that it is setup way different than others. And that is exactly how we gained our success.

Proven success

If you look at the results of our team and members of the Poker Ambition Club, we have had success in both cash games and MTT's. To name a few players: TheWakko, Xplode777, Pokerkluka, BillLewinsky, Tinnoemulder, Teunuss, Kempii-7 and Floesoe. We have done it ourselves, taught others, learned a lot and put it all together. Now, it is time to teach the world!

This is team Poker Ambition


High stakes MTT player

Joris is our resident high stakes MTT specialist. He is regularly active in the MTT scene for a long time now, playing the highest buy-ins both online and all around the world. As an eager learner and student of the game, he is more than keen to transfer his knowledge to future hopeful MTT crushers.


Founder & Head coach

Rene, our technical Head coach and high stakes cash game player, has a great passion and talent for looking at poker from all angles. This year, he went into 'The Lab' and dedicated all his time to figure out what poker success comes down to. He transformed that into our philosophy, which he will be happy to teach you.

Adam Carmichael

Mental Game & Performance

Adam is a former high stakes poker player who now coaches players to reach their full potential. His hands on experience, coupled with his degree in Sports Science and his obsession with behavioural psychology, has lead Adam to discover unique approaches which will turn you into he ultimate peak performer.

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What other poker players say about us

After finishing my study, I wasn't sure what to do. Then Poker Ambition crossed my path and I decided to give it a try. Joining them has truly lifted my game to the next level. I started at 100nl and within 14 months, I moved up to the 1k level. The coaches teach you to understand poker, rather than learning tricks like most others do. If you're ambitious this is all you need.

Cash game and MTT player (1000NL+)
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When I first came in contact with Poker Ambition and TheWakko, it was just exactly what my game needed. The structured and professional way they view poker helped me a lot to improve my own game. From playing cash games, I was able to transfer the conceptual poker approach and PA philosophy towards MTTs as well. I am certain that everyone who would be joining the program of Poker Ambition would feel the same way.

Teun Mulder
High stakes MTT player 
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I've seen quite some poker courses in the past few years, but none of them changed my game that much. Instead of just some basic solutions to apply in a certain spot, I learned why I want to do things and what is going to make me the most money. The PA coaches really know what it takes to beat the highest stakes and give you everything to start doing the same.

Mid/High stakes MTT player
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Learn all about the Mechanics of Poker 

Master the concepts behind strategies, massively improve your mental game and make sure you are able to perform as an absolute crusher. In this program from TheWakko and Adam Carmichael, you will get access to our knowledge in all vital areas of poker. Rather than telling you what to do, they will explain you why strategies are played in a certain way.

Do you want to learn how to approach poker strategy? And how you can set yourself up for a long-lasting and successful poker career?
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TheWakko - From freerolls to high stakes pro


Technical by TheWakko, Mindset & Performance by Adam Carmichael.


World class coaches


We have lots of great content to show you, in an easy to use platform.


Modules in total


In total we offer 40+ hours of content, delivered in videos from our coaches.


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Live Q&A's

Also, we keep you accountable with our monthly live sessions.


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Frequently asked questions

What kind of products and services do you offer? 

Our newest product is the Mechanics of Poker, which is made by our headcoach 'TheWakko’ and Mindset & Performance coach Adam Carmichael. Click here for more information on our program.

Moreover, we have a few products ready to launch in the summer of 2021, of which the PA Academy is one of them. With the PA Academy we want to create a bridge between our high-end coaching services and the mid-level segment of poker. Also, we have just launched our very first Cash Masterclass 3-Bet Pots out of Position as the Initial Raiser.

Why should I Join Poker Ambition and not some other training site?

Obviously, we can give you a whole explanation for this but we'll keep it short. We strongly advise you to watch our demo video for our new program the Mechanics of Poker, in which we explain all benefits for joining our Club.

In a nutshell, our proven philosophy is very much WHY focused, instead of being focused on WHAT. On the contrary of telling you what to do in every spot, we will explain why strategies are played in a certain way. Also, we deliver the total package to for your long-lasting poker career. We provide what you want and need to excel as a professional. That's why we included an entire Mindset & Performance part in our program. Want to know more?
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How can I access the public Discord channel? 

We are very happy to welcome you in collectively taking our game to the next level. Interact with fellow members of the community and earn points for the Poker Ambition leaderboard. The more points you collect, the closer access you get to our coaches and more of our premium content.

Do you also offer coaching for MTT's? 

In our program we teach conceptual based poker. We go deep into why we do what we do and what variables lead to a certain strategy. These are all universal concepts. However, the most common variables change per format that you play. This will lead to a different strategy, but we mainly focus on what factors lead to the change of strategy. Therefore, we will use various MTT and cash game examples to show these concepts in our Mechanics of Poker program.

Theory doesn’t approach poker in an MTT or Cash way, and neither should we. So yes, we offer MTT, cash game, and SNG coaching. We coach you in having a deeper understanding of how poker works, which you can apply in any format. This will be sustainable for as long as poker exists, because how poker works will stay the same forever. Only how poker is played is constantly changing, and with our way of coaching, you will be able to change with it.

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