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Welcome to our exclusive community section. Our private discord server is only available for Club members, those who have purchased our program the Mechanics of Poker.

Once you have registered as new Club member, you will receive an exclusive invitation from our team members. 

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this program made for? 

It is for everyone. It does not matter if you play MTTs, cash games, SNGs, live or online, this program is for you! 

Our philosophy towards the game includes anything from how poker actually works to advanced GTO strategies and exploits. Also, we explain how we try to accomplish objective strategies in theory and how that translates into practice. All of this is a consequence of having the right understanding of how the game works and how we should approach it. This will be explained in our vision and philosophy section of the program, which will be very different than you are used from other providers. 

For sure, this program is going to be a massive eye opener, whatever the level you currently play at.

What makes this product different than others? 

Over the years, we have been disappointed customers of poker courses ourselves. We have always said that we could make something way better. Well, here it is! In the total market of poker courses, there is enough stuff that will get you to an okay level, but nothing will bring you further than 500NL or $250-350 ABI. We truly believe that our program can make the difference for you, the program that is going to make your career! 

When going through the syllabus, you can immediately see that this program is not like the others. For example, there is no preflop 3-betting section or C-betting section, as we believe that is not what you need. It is very easy for a coach to make this stuff. They just info-dump what to do, while saying ‘’Good luck with that’’.

Our team has had their amount of success not because they are approaching poker like the rest do. But because we at Poker Ambition approach it differently!

Will there be new content released within the program? 

We believe in continuous improvement. Therefore, as soon as we launch the program, we immediately start with collecting feedback from the subscribers. This will be used to improve our program even more with new content. Also, we will add more specific knowledge areas to the program later on. Please contact us if you have any further suggestions or points of improvement.

Can I try it before buying? Is there a trial period? 

If you still have any doubts, you can already watch our one-hour demo video for free. During this video you'll get the entire scope of the program and you can get along with our style of presenting.