Getting started

I want to access the discord community

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Last modified on 21 April 2021 by Admin
You are very welcome to join our discord community, in which we will share a lot of benefits with our members.

The Poker Ambition discord has a very unique levelling system included into its build. The more active you are, the higher of a level you will achieve in our community, which unlocks different tiers of extra FREE content for you to enjoy!

So, are you ready to join our community? Click here to join straight away.

What happens when you bought the Mechanics of Poker?

For those who have registered for our program, you will get access to the exclusive part of the discord community, only granting access for the Mechanics of Poker club members. 

To get access to these channels, please ask our staff (@Ghilley#1978 or @Inclusive-M#5081) to assign you the correct role. 
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