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Where can I find the recordings

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Last modified on 28 April 2021 by Admin
In this article we will explain where you can find the recordings of each live webinars that we hosted within the program. It could be very useful to watch it back or just in case you could not make it to the live session.

Note that you need to be enrolled to a product that includes live sessions, for example The Mechanics of Poker offer monthly live webinars. 

Navigating to the recordings it actually quite simple. First of all login to your account and initiate the learning path of the program. 

From there go to the section ''Recorded Q&As''. If you click on this, you can see the recordings structured on the date of the live session. If you click on this, the video will start.

At the time of preparing this support article, there were no recordings yet. 

So, easy is that. Good luck with watching the recordings!
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