Frequently asked questions

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What kind of products and services do you offer? 

Our newest product is the Mechanics of Poker, which is made by our headcoach 'TheWakko’ and Mindset & Performance coach Adam Carmichael. Click here for more information on our program. Moreover, we have launched our very first Cash game Masterclass 3-Bet Pots out of position as initial raiser.

Moreover, we have a few products ready to launch in the summer of 2021, of which the PA Academy is one of them. With the PA Academy we want to create a bridge between our high-end coaching services and the mid-level segment of poker.

Do you also offer coaching for MTTs?

In our program we teach conceptual based poker. We go deep into why we do what we do and what variables lead to a certain strategy. These are all universal concepts. However, the most common variables change per format that you play. This will lead to a different strategy, but we mainly focus on what factors lead to the change of strategy. Therefore, we will use various MTT and cash game examples to show these concepts in our Mechanics of Poker program.

Theory doesn’t approach poker in an MTT or Cash way, and neither should we. So yes, we offer MTT, cash game, and SNG coaching. We coach you in having a deeper understanding of how poker works, which you can apply in any format. This will be sustainable for as long as poker exists, because how poker works will stay the same forever. Only how poker is played is constantly changing, and with our way of coaching, you will be able to change with it.

Why should I join Poker Ambition and not some other training site? 

Obviously, we can give you a whole explanation for this but we'll keep it short. We strongly advise you to watch our demo video for our new program the Mechanics of Poker, in which we explain all benefits for joining our Club.

In a nutshell, our proven philosophy is very much WHY focused, instead of being focused on WHAT. On the contrary of telling you what to do in every spot, we will explain why strategies are played in a certain way. Also, we deliver the total package to for your long-lasting poker career. We provide what you want and need to excel as a professional. That's why we included an entire Mindset & Performance part in our program. Want to know more?

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Do you also offer private coaching? 

At the moment we do not offer single one-on-one coaching sessions. However, in the future we will consider offering our Club Members with the possibility to take private coaching sessions with us.

Is it still possible to apply for the CFP? 

As many poker players don't want the commitment of a CFP, but do request the high standard quality, we have replaced our CFP with our Mechanics of Poker program. Click here for more information.

Do you offer staking? 

Poker Ambition does not offer any kind of staking for players. However, if you are part of our community you will get in touch with coaches and fellow students who you could sell action to.

How can I access the public Discord channel? 

We are very happy to welcome you in collectively taking our game to the next level. Interact with fellow members of the community and earn points for the Poker Ambition leaderboard. The more points you collect, the closer access you get to our coaches and more of our premium content.
Members of the Mechanics of Poker will have access to a private channel with our discord community. Please ask Team PA to assign you the correct role to get access.

Where can I sign-up for your weekly newsletter? 

Just leave your email below and we’ll send you our weekly newsletter full of updates and new valuable content.
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What should I do when I have another question? 

If you have another question that was not answered here, please visit our Support Center. Here you can find multiple support articles to help you.


What types of poker does the Academy cover? 

The provided poker content in the PA Academy will be mainly for Cash game players. Content specifically for MTT will follow later. Also, we will provide content related to Mindset & Performance, which is applicable to any type of poker format.

Why should I join the Poker Ambition Academy? 

We’ve figured out exactly what you want and most importantly what you need to excel as an aspiring poker player. Often, we see a mismatch in this, resulting in mediocre courses and products. Joining the PA Academy is the perfect start to get in touch with our proven philosophy. We will not only show you what strategy is best to use, we will also make sure you thoroughly understand why this concept works.

When are the live webinars and who will be hosting them? 

Every week we will be hosting one live online session by one of our expert coaches. One week the webinar will be given on Wednesday and the next week on Thursday, all at 16:00 CET. The sessions will be recorded and can be watched in our online platform afterwards.

What if I miss a live webinar? 

No worries at all. We will record all sessions and upload these within 48 hours to the online course environment. All purchased webinars will remain accessible forever, as long as you still have an account with us. So, you will also have access to the webinars that you've purchased after you cancelled your subscription.

Do I get access to all previous webinars?

With a monthly plan you will only get access to last week's recordings and the ones that you have paid for. With a 3-month plan you will get access to all last month's recordings and the ones that you have paid for. 

In case you are interested in watching previous webinar recordings, you can purchase them with a 50% discount (only for Academy members). In the learning path at ''Recording Library'' you can find more information on this.

Can I subscribe to the Academy in the middle of the month? 

Yes, you can subscribe at any day of the month without missing content. From the moment your subscription starts you will get access to the latest recordings and, as long as you stay subscribed, to all upcoming webinars.

Can I try it before buying? Is there a trial period? 

We don't offer a trial period for our Academy subscription. If you are in doubt about joining you can start without any commitment by enrolling to a single webinar. Click here to see all single webinars.

How can I cancel my membership for the Academy? 

Although we don't like to see you leaving, we find it important that you can easily cancel your subscription with us. Keep in mind that you need to cancel your membership before it will be automatically renewed. Depending on your subscription plan, this will be every month or every 3 months, on the date of purchase. Once you have cancelled your membership it will remain active until the end of the subscription period. The exact expiry date can always be found in your profile.

In our Support Center we explain step by step how to cancel the membership in your User Account.

What payment methods do you use? 

For our Academy subscription plans we only accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments from customers worldwide. Every month the subscription fee will be automatically debited from your credit card.

For the single webinars we also offer payments via PayPal, iDeal and Sofort.

The Mechanics of Poker

What makes this product different than others? 

Over the years, we have been disappointed customers of poker courses ourselves. We have always said that we could make something way better. Well, here it is! In the total market of poker courses, there is enough stuff that will get you to an okay level, but nothing will bring you further than 500NL or $250-350 ABI. We truly believe that our program can make the difference for you, the program that is going to make your career! 

When going through the syllabus (in our demo video), you can immediately see that this program is not like the others. For example, there is no preflop 3-betting section or C-betting section, as we believe that is not what you need. It is very easy for a coach to make this stuff. They just info-dump what to do, while saying ‘’Good luck with that’’.

Our team has had their amount of success not because they are approaching poker like the rest do. But because we at Poker Ambition approach it differently!

What's included in this program? 

In total the program consists of over 40 hours of poker content, structured in 14 modules and 65 videos. Every month we will host a Live Q&A for both the Technical part as well as for the Mindset & Performance part. During these Q&A’s you can ask your questions directly to the coaches.

Are you ready to invest in your poker career? Don’t waste any more of your valuable time and
sign-up now!

Who is this program made for? 

It is for everyone. It does not matter if you play MTTs, cash games, SNGs, live or online, this program is for you! 

Our philosophy towards the game includes anything from how poker actually works to advanced GTO strategies and exploits. Also, we explain how we try to accomplish objective strategies in theory and how that translates into practice. All of this is a consequence of having the right understanding of how the game works and how we should approach it. This will be explained in our vision and philosophy section of the program, which will be very different than you are used from other providers. 

For sure, this program is going to be a massive eye opener, whatever the level you currently play at.

What is the table of contents for this program? 

The program is divided in two sections: Technical Game and Mindset & Performance. You can watch the full table of contents in our free one-hour demo video.

Who are the coaches that made this program? 

Our co-founder and headcoach of Poker Ambition, TheWakko, is responsible for the Technical part of our program. Find out more about him in this blog post.

Adam Carmichael created the second part (Mindset & Performance), as he is our Mental Game & Performance coach. Find out more about him in this blog post.

Can I try it before buying? Is there a trial period? 

If you still have any doubts, you can already watch our one-hour demo video for free. During this video you'll get the entire scope of the program and you can get along with our style of presenting. 

When are the live Q&A's and who will be hosting these?

For members of the Mechanics of Poker, every month we will be hosting two Live Q&A’s. One for the Technical Game and one for the Mindset & Performance. Please note that these are only accessible to our members that purchased this program. Prior to each session we ask you to send us your questions in the private discord channel, so our coaches are able to prepare the sessions well in advance.

The Live Q&A for the Technical part will be hosted by TheWakko and will be every first Wednesday of the month at 18:00 CET.
The Live Q&A for the Mindset & Performance part will be hosted by Adam Carmichael and will be every last Wednesday of the month at 14:00 CET.

For those who are Club Member, visit the course player and see the section ''Upcoming Q&A's'' for all new dates.

What if I miss the live Q&A's? 

No worries at all. We will record all sessions and upload these within 48 hours to the online course environment in the section ''Recorded Q&As''.

Do you have lifetime access to the program? 

There are absolutely no limitations to your access to the program.

Will there be new content released within the program? 

We believe in continuous improvement. Therefore, as soon as we launch the program, we immediately start with collecting feedback from the subscribers. This will be used to improve our program even more with new content. Also, we will add more specific knowledge areas to the program later on. Please contact us if you have any further suggestions or points of improvement.

What payment methods do you use? 

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments for customers worldwide. 

Also, we accept PayPal and local bank transfers with iDeal or Sofort. 

Where can I access the program? 

After you’ve signed-up and we have received your payment, you will be automatically directed to the page where your enrolled product is visible. Once you are enrolled you can also go directly to My Products.

Moreover, you will receive an email with all information necessary to start with the program.

How can I access the community? 

Once you are subscribed to our program, you are able to send messages in the integrated community section of our online platform. You have the option to make comments on each learning activity or start a topic in the general section. You can go there directly via Community.

Moreover, after you have purchased the program we advise you to join to our Poker Ambition discord channel. As a member of the program you will also get access to our exclusive discord server, so you can interact with the coaches directly. Once you have joined our program, we will send you an exclusive invite.
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Still need more help? Just visit our Support Center for more detailed information!

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