What is the Poker Ambition community

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Last modified on 12 November 2021 by Admin
In this article we will explain you all about our Poker Ambition community, what it is, how you can access it and what the benefits are.

Over the past two years we have created a large community, of which you are one of them. This resulted in our community server at discord, with over 650 members. Click here to join our public community.

We offer multiple types of channels on our discord server:
* Community
* Poker strategy
* PA Academy (only for Academy members)
* Content
* Partners & Connections

Added benefits of our community
Apart from being in contact with other like-minded members, you can also make use of the deals that we have made with our partners.

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>>> Get 10% off your first order at Simple Poker
>>> Check-out Holdem Manager 3
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We hope this support article helped you out.
If not, we are very sorry for that! As we want to improve, please give us your feedback by clicking here.